Poggio Granoni

Made from Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot e Syrah grapes, grown in the Poggio Granoni micro-zone at Farnetella in the commune of Sinalunga. The vineyards, at elevation of 500-540 metres, are planted in layered soils of sand and silt. Poggio Granoni is the fruit of many years of efforts to fully develop the potential of non-indigenous grape varieties, as complementing varieties to sangiovese. In this wine, the varieties classic to the Colli Senesi is enriched with a more complex texture: the predominant sangiovese and cabernet sauvignon provide the structure, while the Merlot adds smoothness and roundedness, and the Syrah.

Denomination: IGT Toscana

Varietal: 70% Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah.

Ageing: Malolactic fermentation in steel and maturation for 12 months in new and once-used 225-litre oak barriques, followed by assemblage of the final blend, bottling and ages in glass a minimum of 8-10 months

Sensory profile: Rich ruby red, with subtle garnet highlights. Delicate bouquet, with intense spice notes, of tobacco leaf, tanned leather, roast espresso. Judiciously tannic, with a lengthy progression marked by fragrant roasted nuts and smooth vanilla. Superb body and depth, with an elegant structure and well-balanced finale.

Chianti Colli Senesi Riserva

Made from Sangiovese grapes, with small amounts of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, from grapes grown in the vineyards of Farnetella, in the commune of Sinalunga, in the Chianti Colli Senesi DOCG zone. The vineyards are sited on a broad, well-exposed hill at elevations ranging between 400-470 metres. The soils are layered sand and silt, with some clay, and larger presences of rock and limestone, mostly galestro.

Denomination: Chianti Colli Senesi Riserva Docg

Varietal: 90% Sangiovese, 5% Merlot, 5% Cabernet.

Ageing: After 12-16 months’ maturation the wine is then bottled and given an additional 4-6 months’ bottle ageing.

Sensory profile: Intense ruby red, with slight purplish highlights. Lively, variegated aromas, predominantly blueberry, anice, and Mediterranean scrub, with hints of earthy mineral and an appealing note of toasty oak in the background. Very approachable in the mouth, showing relaxed tannins, fine acidity, and firm structure. The finish is lengthy and very appealing, with aromatic hints of wild cherry and subtle vanilla.

Chianti Colli Senesi

Made predominantly from Sangiovese grapes, quality-selected in Farnetella, in the commune of Sinalunga, southeast of Siena and northwest of Montepulciano. The vineyards are almost all southwest-facing, sited on a well – exposed and – ventilated bench, at elevations of between 220 and 560 metres. The soils are layered sand and silt, with some presence of clay, and larger percentages of rock and limestone.

Denomination: Chianti Colli Senesi Docg

Varietal: 92% Sangiovese, 8% Merlot.

Ageing: 8-12 months of maturarion in small, medium and large oak, followed by 3 months in the bottle.

Sensory profile: Rich ruby red with purplish highlights. Fruity on the nose, with aromas of wild red berryfruit and notes of anise and sweet liquorice (classic to the Sangiovese of this area), well melded into subtle nuances of spice. Velvety mouthfeel, with a finish laced with aromatic fruit and delicate vanilla.


Made 100% from Syrah grapes, selected from the highest section of the Farnetella hill, at 500-540 metres’ elevation. The intention of the winery to exploit the potential of the most widely-used international (non-indigenous) varieties as well led to a research program to identify the clones most suited to the various vineyards and then to carry out graftings and replantings. The history of Syrah at Farnetella began with French clones, utilised in the 1980s. The soils are well-drained, warm, and slightly acidic, largely sand and silt, with some presence of clay.

Denomination: IGT Toscana Syrah

Varietal: 100% Syrah.

Ageing: After 24 months of maturation, assemblage of the final blend, and bottling. In the bottle ageing for a minimum of 8-12 months.

Sensory profile: Deep ruby red, dense and saturated. Generous and appealing on the nose, with spicy impressions of black pepper and blackberry, smoked tobacco, and tanned leather, ending on notes of gunflint and rust. Very well-balanced, indicating superb depth and aromatic complexity. Smooth and full in the mouth, with exceptional structure and concentration; the tannins are silky and elegant, while the progression offers smooth fruit and peppery, spicy nuances. Velvety, long-lingering finale.


Made from 100% Sauvignon Blanc grapes quality-selected from a vineyard in Farnetella located at an elevation of 550 metres, where this grape variety has found ideal growing conditions.

Denomination: IGT Toscana.

Varietal: 100% Sauvignon Blanc, from clones originating in France.

Ageing: Aged for at least 3 months before release.

Sensory profile: Straw yellow. Rich fruit on the nose, with hints of elderflower and red pepper. Full-fruited, with a perfect level of acidity, lively flavours, and fine structure.


Made predominantly from Sangiovese grapes, quality-selected in Farnetella, in the commune of Sinalunga, southeast of Siena and northwest of Montepulciano.
The vineyard, ca.10 hectares (4 acres) on the Podere Lucilla, is southwest-facing, sited at average elevations of 350 metres.
The soils are layered sand and silt, with some presence of clay, and larger percentages of rock and limestone.

Denomination: IGT Toscana.

Varietal: 70% Sangiovese, 15% Merlot, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon.

Ageing: After 8-12 months of maturation in small, medium and large oak, 4-6 months in bottle.

Sensory profile: Brilliant ruby red with considerable depth. Elegant fruitiness, unfolding cherry and slight spiciness. Palate shows great fullness, solid structure, masterful tannins.

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